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Petrus Beer

The Petrus family and De Brabandere Brewery from Belgium are known to brew some quality and world famous beers as part of their Petrus Tradition range which includes a traditional Dubbel and Tripel. Alongside these beers, there are the well-known Petrus ‘sour beers’ including their famous Aged Red Ale.


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Petrus Blond is a refreshing blond ale beer, brewed using the finest aromatic hops. This is a moderately light blonde ale beer that easily fits any occasion, making a great aperitif while also being suitable as a thirst-quencher or alongside a wide range of dishes.

at 6.6% ABV, it still tastes mild, fresh and fruity with some biscuity, bready notes is the best way to describe the Petrus Blond.

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Petrus Blond Tasting Notes:

  • Amber orange colouring

  • Thin white head

  • Notes of oranges, candy, WonderWhite bread, white pepper and soft herbs on the nose

  • Nice flavour with notes of spices, apricot, oranges, pineapple juice, pears and perfume on the palate with a dry aftertaste and mild bitterness

  • Light to medium body

  • Mild carbonation

  • Alcohol of 6.6% ABV is well disguised

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