Dainton Brewing - Massive Range of limited release craft beer

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Dainton Blood Orange Rye NEIPA

One of our all-time favourite New England IPAs that’s always a solid pick in the heat.

This excessively dank and hazy NEIPA has a crapload of real blood orange juice added which only intensifies its glowing, juicy appearance and taste.

But don’t be put off, this isn’t your typical tacky beer+fruit combo.

This thing is utter finesse helped along by the spicy rye inclusion.


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Dainton Cranny Sour Gosè

This is a delightful salted cranberry gosè that carries a faint touch of fruit colour making this beer look quite like rosè.

This style of beer’s salty demeanour blends beautifully with sweet berries, while a spritzy carbonation collaborating with this beer’s overall tartness sourness give a sharp, refreshing, reasonably puckering little number.

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Dainton Rock Toffee Belgian Dubbel

This beer’s for you if you’re into the sweeter stuff.

You’ll get a punch in the face from toffee characters which coat your mouth, joined by hints of sweet raisins, bananas, and some fruitcake spice.

In theory, you could pour this over a nice wedge of pudding or a tub of ice cream just as willingly as into your glass.

Dainton-Passionfruit-Pale-171117-092318 (2).png

Dainton Passionfruit Belgian Pale Ale

A lovely light Belgian pale ale fixed up by the addition of passionfruit to levels visible in your glass!

Low on booze but definitely high on fruit, its that lovely sweet citrus kick that’s leading the way…

An absolute perfect summer gulper.


Dainton Tropicana Session Saison

Dainton’s Tropicana was first soured before the adding of saison yeast strain and pineapple to the brew.

It's pale, hazy and perfect for Summer. You’ll get hits of lemon and pineapple in the aroma and palate with the yeast adds contributing to a dry saison finish.

At 5.7% this is a beer you’ll also be able to enjoy all day long.


Dainton Guava Grisette

This is another lovely sessionable beer with a farmhouse twist from Dainton.

While saisons were traditionally farmer beers, the grisette style was traditionally reserved for the miners.

Pouring a light amber colour with a thin head it’s tart on the nose but still has some telltale fruitiness.

It’s not aggressively sour but when you swallow you get a definite burst of guava. Perfectly smashable at 4.2%.


Dainton Fruit Punch IPA

Now this is a collab beer between Dainton and Brisbane's Ballistic and their joint effort is an IPA loaded up with a lot of added fruit, in this case passionfruit and pineapple.

A winning combo that saw them walk away from Ballarat’s Beer Festival with the People’s Choice Award for Best Beer.

If you’re looking for a stiff IPA with a lovely welcoming fruit profile, then this is the beer for you.

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Dainton Double Red Eye Rye

Celebrating Dainton’s 2nd Birthday and winning Champion Australian Independent Amber/Dark ale for our first ever commercially brewed beer! Meet their 2.0 version of the infamous Red Eye.

This is an imperial IPA with a lot of balls and bite.

Taste is quite sweet with a thick palate and oily with plenty of lingering bitterness.

Overall a very solid imperial rye IPA.

Dainton_Mocha_Chocca__51178.1536211952.500.440 (1).png

Dainton Mocha Choca New England Black Rye IPA

This is a dank delicious dessert beer with a thicker than thick, chocolate coffee flavour and oily mouthfeel.

Oh so sweet, a beer this good is hard to save till after dinner!

It might not be as cold any more but you can still enjoy this beer around a BBQ instead of a fireplace these holidays.

Dainton-Sav-Brute-181017-142705 (1).png

Dainton Sav Brute Sparkling IPA

Meet a glorious sparkling wine\beer hybrid by Dainton.

Brewer Cam Turner used a sauvignon blanc wine yeast here, a decision of which he says: "the style is still freestyling a little, we just thought it needs to be a beer-wine hybrid not just in terms of dryness."

You’ll find gooseberry and grape aromas atop a beer that's equally lean dry AF.

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Dainton Double India Pale Ale

This double IPA was brewed for Nat Reeves, the electro-synth composing, pink tee shirt wearing hop wizard of Cheltenham.

If you don't know who he is, then you should probably not drink this beer. Go have a pint of lager.

Pours a fairly clear medium golden with a small head. The aroma is relatively light with fruity hops evident. In the mouth, it starts with some biscuit malt, followed by some orange and peach, followed by some medium to firm lingering hops with a touch of both grapefruit and resin.


Dainton Cherry Gripe

Meet our all-time favourite stout and a definite copyright risk - Dainton’s collab with Clare Valley Brewing Co, the legendary Cherry Gripe Chocolate Cherry Coconut Stout!

Yes it does taste like everyone’s favourite chocolate bar and goes beautifully with one as a nice afternoon snack. Pick up both from us today!


Dainton Pina Colada Pineapple Coconut Porter

“One of the beers that Pete brewed for the world record breaking 131 beer tap-takeover we smashed out on 8/9/18! Pete hated this beer. Too bad, it is delish up the wazoo. Yum-nuts” - Dainton brewers.


Dainton Juniper IPA Belgian Gin IPA

Here’s one for the gin lovers amongst us as we enter the Spring-time months.

This beer is a really refreshing IPA brewed with Dainton’s mates from Cedar Fox Distilling Co.

Heath Werrett