*Very Limited Release* Bottega Cream Limoncino



Bottega Lemon Cream Limoncino 500ml $32.99

Hell Yes! This is a very creamy liqueur that’s pleasantly sweet with a moderate alcohol bite. Sicilian lemon peels are infused in alcohol and, thanks to a slow  extraction process, aromatic compounds result in a natural infusion  with a strong aroma of lemon. This infusion is then mixed with a sweet,  delicate milk cream, creating a velvety, incredibly soft liqueur which  satisfies even the most demanding palates. With a final touch of grappa,  Crema di Limoncino Bottega gains a particular aromaticity, making it  unique and unmistakable.

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Lemon liqueur

Limoncino Bottega is a traditional Italian liqueur, spanning back as far as the  nineteenth century. Produced from an infusion of “Femminello” lemon peel that is characterised by a thin grain and high quality essential oils. This variety of  lemon is called “Femminello” because of the fertility of the lemon plant which blossoms all year. The lemons are grown naturally and picked at the peak of ripeness, washed and peeled by hand, removing  the white part (bitter) and only selecting the yellow peel which is rich in  essential oils before being infused in alcohol for about 30 days.  This allows the extraction of the aromatic and colouring substances. The  liquid is then separated from the peel. Lastly, sugar and high quality  grappa is added.

Heath Werrett