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On the Hops is A fortnightly panel made from local retailers, brewers, judges and connoisseurs who meet regularly to pick the standout brews from dozens of beers tasted blind. They bring you the tastiest, freshest, most delicious beer around.


Volume 1

This is a fantastic lineup of local crafties that made the roster for the first volume of Liquor Barons new On the Hops program. With standout beers that have developed local cult followings around Perth, the panel has included Otherside, Nail, Boston Brewing, Black Brewing, Beerfarm and Cheeky Monkey in the first of many epic volumes of beer.

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Volume 2

"The Liquor Barons Beer Panel rides again, presenting six
more stand-out picks from hours of ‘rigorous’ blind-tasting! We were mindful of the changing seasons and the added appeal of darker, more malt-forward options, but these are the brews that really hit the mark; in terms of being exceptional representatives of style and, essentially, just really great drinking. NEIPA’s may continue to be ‘beer of the moment’, but we’d encourage you to head off the beaten beer-track, starting with the On The Hops six-pack!"

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Volume 3

Winter is here, but that’s no reason to put your beer drinking on the back-burner. Red wine and spirits come into their own, as does the darker end of the beer spectrum - including the Belgian Dubbel, Black IPA, Porter and Stout selected by the beer panel in our latest round of blind tastings. We’re especially pleased to squeeze a classic Belgian Abbey Ale into this six-pack; we dearly hope it inspires further exploration of that country’s marvellous monastic-brewing traditions. Add two more beers that would impress in any season, and On The Hops Edition #3 stands extra tall!



Spring can bring us a real mixed bag meteorologically, so ‘On The Hops’ IV delivers a marvellous mixed- six for any kind of weather. We’ve selected a clean, crisp, German-style lager that’s ideal for the season’s first BBQ, but also included a hop-forward, American-style stout that still delivers the nourishing warmth of rich, dark malts when the cold bites back. There’s plenty to savour between those two extremes too; each brew being a distinct and exceptional example of its style, and all six providing a beer journey that’s well worth taking... It’s an all-Australian six-pack too, so imbibe with pride!

Learn more about our Panel’s picks for Volume 2