New Park Facilities Approved for Lathlain

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Applications for contractors have now closed to upgrade the community facilities of Community Zone 2 and 2X (former Lathlain Carlisle Bowling Club).

This area’s new design is aimed at creating a space of inclusive passive outdoor recreation for residents of the surrounding areas. The development of plans for the zone were informed by community based participation and feedback during the engagement process with the actual concept plan being guided by a series of community workshops.

Some of the  features to be included as directed by the community included:

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  • landscaping

  • dog park

  • location and number of multi-use courts

  • onsite parking

  • children's playgrounds

  • BBQ facilities

  • ablution buildings

  • Goddard Street and McCartney Crescent parking.

The Concept Plan for the Community Activity Zone 2/2X was approved by the Council back in 2017.

Tenders for the zone’s development will now be assessed by the council with a contractor to be selected followed by a detailed work plan proposal.

Heath Werrett