New Craft Beer Arrivals - Red Dead IPA & Dark Moment Baltic Porter

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New Craft Beer Arrivals from Green Beacon + Heroes & Villains

Welcoming 2 new Craft Beers in-store from Green Beacon over in QLD and local outfit Heroes & Villains from the Swan Valley.

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Green Beacon Red Dead IPA

Here is a lovely new seasonal Autumn release from the gang over at Green Beacon in QLD.

It’s got a IBU of 50 and comes in at a solid 6.4%. This beer really excited all of us when it arrived and a tinnie was cracked. You’ll get blackcurrant, plum, pine, vanilla and a touch of citrus hop bitterness on the end. MUST TRY!

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Heroes & Villains Dark Moment Baltic Porter

This is a hefty 7.1% Baltic porter and exactly what you get when messing with the mad science going on over in the Swan Valley. An Eastery Chocolate Baltic porter was something we would typically expect at this time of year. What was not anticipated was the inclusion of a whole bunch Shiraz grapes.

Here’s what the team had to say about this Eggcellent experiment;

“We were looking for something to celebrate Easter that could tell a great story and be really drinkable… We played around with a Sauvignon Blanc pilsner recipe before landing on a winning formular with the shiraz grapes for our Easter beer. It is unusual for us to do a pilot for a Villain beer, but the blend of white grapes, wine yeast and beer was not something Trevor or I are familiar with, so as good home brewers we started with a 23L batch in the Grainfather. It took a few weeks of discussion with the Dan, the Wine Maker at Oakover and anyone who would listen. We settled on what we knew would be an interesting flavour profile, but would stretch our style a little. Our Chocolate Stout goes down well with family and friends, but I had not approached anything above 5% and pretty straight forward. A Baltic Porter seemed like a great idea! Our approach with the Villains is to go straight at it and take a risk with a 1,000L batch. So we did. “

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And boy do we think the risk paid off! This stuff is worth paying us a visit for and WILL make the perfect Easter gift.

Heath Werrett