Fresh Daintons In-store!

20190830_125424 (1) (1).jpg

Some lovely new crafties from one of our most creative breweries to get around before they’re snatched up!

Kinky Cola Sour (5.2%)

Well Dainton brewer Cam’s not the world’s most mystical guy, but when he made this beer the team over there nearly lost their minds – C-O-L-A COLA, CH-CH-CHERRY COLA! So they were all pretty cluey blokes, but this beer flipped their wigs as it tastes like a Coke – C-O-L-A COLA, CH-CH-CHERRY COLA!

Nutters Stout (6%)

Peanuts are rad, apparently aliens told Dainton so. Better than that, they’re going to show you so. Just watch your allergies, because Dainton always aims to please. This beer definitely ain’t crap.

Heath Werrett