Feral Biggie Juice Cans RESTOCKED

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Feral Brewing Biggie Juice


Feral biggie Juice Cans are now back in stock!

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It was all a dream…
To make an East Coast out the Swan Valley

Arguably the most popular NEIPA in the West. This thing has a cult following for a reason. SOOOO GOOD!

Yep, Feral have brewed a beer teaming with punchy tropical hip hop aromas full of apricot, peaches and passionfruit. Day dreamin in a cloud of haze, this IPA is intentionally cloudy contributing to an oh so creamy creamy mouth feel.

This New England style IPA was so notoriously juicy, they decided to launch it in cans, now available all year round!

Grab a 4-pack for $20 or Grab a Cube for only $65!

Heath Werrett