3 New Hazy Beers definitely worth a try!

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Dont Be Lazy, Come Grab Yourself a Hazy

Three epic hazy style craft beers have just landed in-store and are begging to be brought home. The team in-store have their eyes stuck on these beers and will drink them all if you don’t hurry. Yep, really, they’re that tasty.

Batch HAY Z  New England Sour $8.99ea

B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, Fo’ shizzle my nizzle beer dribbles down ya face. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, hops filled me y’all got to meel me. B to the Izz-A, T to the C-H, that’s the anthem we feelin’ real handsome. Holla at us we do this for lacto culture. This what New England sour look like. This beer be damn fine, like a Da Vinci sculpture, 10kg of dry hop, shockwave from a tastebud rupture. Vic got a secret, he shady, takin’ over the Galaxy. Raise your glass baby, we hustlin’ every day see. Super fly, super tasty, flavour rich like gold dust. Go on.

Bodriggy Cosmic Microwave NEIPA $23.99 4pk

This beer is one hell of a trip into the haze. It will pour a lovely pale gold with the style's signature soft creamy mouthfeel. There's plenty of fruit-forward aromas and flavours lurking within like lush apricot, while you'll also note some ripe pineapple and, like the IPAs of old, a hint of pine too.

CoConspirators Park Ranger Hazy Pale Ale $23.99 4pk

The Park Ranger is an unquestionable nod to Yogi Bear and the smorgasbord of sweet flavours one could find at any moment inside of one of Yogi’s picnic baskets during a casual camper raid in Jellystone National Park. This hazy pale provides a fragrant mix of citrus fruits along with pawpaw and pine that stand out against a very lean malt body.

Heath Werrett