Whipper Snapper Distillery: Exploring Perth's Bourbon Lineage


Today is National Bourbon Day in the U.S of A and what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at how one of our local distilleries got started. 

The story behind Whipper Snapper Distillery dates back to World War II when a university student named Alasdair was renting a flat in Scarborough and struck-up a friendship with an elderly neighbour, Vic, who flew Lancaster bombers during the war. Vic began teaching his teenage neighbour how to make moonshine whiskey from a recipe handed to him by a US fighter pilot he met in England back in 1943.
“It was done on a small-scale, but it was great fun,” Alasdair said…


The next step was Alasdair teaming up with his brother-in-law after pulling him off the mines up north to quit their jobs and pursue the dream of tracking down a living descendent of the American pilot who had inspired their journey. Tommy ‘Coop’ Cooper was that man and had in fact, owned his own award-winning distillery in Colorado. Putting his retirement on hold, he agreed to teach the pair the mystery and art of bourbon making. 

upshot cover.jpg

Upshot Australian Whiskey

By law, just like a good Champagne, bourbon must be produced in the USA so Whipper Snapper have created the next best thing using Kununurra corn and Narrogin wheat.  The ultimate Aussie salute to bourbon and a new breed of West Aussie Whiskey with the ‘e’ left in as a nod to the style. This is a bourbon style whiskey which WA can truely be proud of. Uniquely smooth, subtly soft and artfully aged in virgin southern white oak in Perth's Mediterranean climate for 2 years.
This whiskey is fragrant with a delicious melange of vanilla, burnt toffee and a hint of nutmeg infused into its creamy texture.

Free Whiskey Tasting at Liquor Barons Carlisle

Whipper Snapper Distillery will be visiting Liquor Barons Carlisle on Friday the 29th of June to showcase their Perth whiskey - Upshot Bourbon in a FREE TASTING between 4-7pm

Click here to RSVP the event.