What Does Pink Like to Drink

Photo Credit:  VinePair

Photo Credit: VinePair

Pop-star sensation Pink will soon arrive on sandgroper soil and is set to perform at Perth Arena to a record breaking, sell-out audience this week on Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 July.

So what does your Pink Pre-game look like? 

Whether you have concert tix or just want someone to ‘give you a reason’ to ‘Raise Your Glass’ from the comfort of home, here’s the hot insider goss on what Pink likes to drink when she’s not swinging from trapezes on stage.

Pink pumping a bottle of vino on  IG .

Pink pumping a bottle of vino on IG.


Organic Wine from  Santa Ynez Valley, California

Turns out Pink’s got a “dirty little secret” involving her passion for a quality drop of vino. 

Now you could just opt for the closest bottle of Rosé upon hearing the news this particular pop-star likes to pop a cork from time to time and to be honest we wouldn’t blame you. Seems fitting. 

But we decided to dive a little deeper in our own research and it turns out Pink’s really not playing around. 

Yep, Pink’s quietly been growing grapes on her very own secret little organic vineyard in Southern California ever since she last visited Australia on tour and was inspired by some of our epic world class wineries. 

After many years of touring the world and experiencing some incredible wines in many exotic locations, the pop-singer better known to her close friends and family as Alecia Moore wanted to get hands on in the process and dove right in beginning with online winemaking and viticulture courses. 

Pink has a 25 acre wine and livestock estate in the Santa Ynez Valley which is home to Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Grenache vines.

So opting for one of these varietals in a Californian or going for an organic wine is a pretty good homage to Australia’s Favourite Pop Star if you ask us.

Come stop by and ask us about what different varietals we currently have in stock which might fit this bill today.


Jameson Irish Whiskey 700ml (SPECIAL $42.99)

Did you know both Pink and her husband are such big fans of a certain Irish whisky, they decided to name their son after it? 

That’s right, Pink’s son’s name is Jameson Moon Heart, pretty cool if you ask us but it turns out there’s a little more to the name than the couple simply being huge lovers of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey (which they are). 

In an interview, Pink explains her own father’s name is James and her brother’s name is Jason, not to mention both her and her husband heralding from Irish descent. It was an obvious “no brainer,” according to Pink. 

Oh and as for ‘Moon’ as a middle name? Maybe the moon was full during Jameson’s birth or it was an activity his parents would enjoy when under the influence of his name brand liquor. 

Either way we love it just the same. 

You can pick up a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey 700ml currently on special at just $42.99 but be quick. Special ends July 1 (the day before Pink's first show)!