Meet Tom sporting our Beer of the Month

thomas colonial pale.png

Tom's been with us for 3 months after previously working at Cape Cellars in Busso where he grew up before moving closer to Curtin University.  He is currently studying commerce at Curtin after already completing a degree in IT Networking. 

Tom developed a strong passion for craft beer when he was working down at Cape Cellars and said he loves tasting & trying new beers from around the world and here at home. He's particularly interested in the growing sour beer trend. "I love how the've really gained a lot of popularity over the past year or two and well-known breweries are bringing sour beers out. It's great!" said Tom.

Tom's repping a brewery he used to frequent a lot when he lived down south - Colonial Brewing Co. who now also make a great South West Sour while their pale ale is currently our Beer of the Month. When Tom isn't helping you pick the perfect crafty, you'll find him playing a bit of volleyball with his mates and enjoying a cheeky bev or two himself.