2 Equally Good Socialist Cocktails to enjoy this Labour Day

Rejoice Comrade! (1).png

Rejoice Comrade!

All Party work has ceased for an extra day this weekend in recognition of Labour Day.

To celebrate, we thought we’d give you two equally valued socialist cocktails for you to enjoy as you kick back on this, your day of rest.

These cocktails are simple and totally working class. There’s no fancy pants stuff here, just quality mixed drinks.

The White Russian

Made from Kahlúa, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and full cream; the White Russian brings it all together. As with other classics, why mess with it. It’ll always be abiding. As made into a cult movie star with movies such as The Big Lebowski, because some things simply just work.

*If you grab a bottle of Titos Handmade Vodka from any Liquor Barons store, $5 of your purchase will be donated to the Shenton Park Dogs’ Refuge!

The Cuba Libre

Yeah it’s a glorified Rum and Coke from Cuba and anyone with a problem regarding that can go back to work today… The Cuba Libre is a highball cocktail consisting of Coca Cola, Bacardi Rum, and lime juice over crushed ice. These ingredients were made to go together with this drinking becoming famous the world over but enjoyed the most in hotter climates such as our own heading into March this year…. (#late af Summer!)

Heath Werrett