Your Form Guide for the Melbourne Cup

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When it comes to the Melbourne Cup, there’s only one thing on our minds besides the field and that’s the fizzy stuff found in our Birthday Catalogue…

Even though Race Day ain’t till Tuesday, we thought we’d give you the hot tip on runners to watch when the bottles take to the track.

We recommend you take a punt on anyone of these picks before the close of business Sunday 4th November to get the best odds and make sure you’re properly covered for the race that stops the nation.

The Field

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV 750mL (1).png

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne

$62.99 (Each)

Veuve is a mature French thoroughbred primed for victory after consistently placing in all its recent international races. Clicquot represents the perfect balance between thoroughbred power and finesse, with her saddle cloth and jockey dressed in yellow silks and a gold cap, this mature mare has certainly developed into a consistent stayer who should make a bold showing. Obviously, a contender to back at the bookies before Sunday’s close.

Veuve Moisans Brut (1).png

Veuve Moisans Brut Blanc De Blancs

2 For $30

A younger filly sparkler bred from the Loire Valley in France. Veuve Moisans' European form indicates a significant field threat in the wet or dry and she will perform typical of a solid closer amidst an on-pacer’s track. Her bottle’s coat has a bright green sheen as her and her jockey are dressed in orange silks with a gold cap. Moisans will be carrying 750 mls on Tuesday, and so the money is on for this filly who we expect to at least place. Plus go double or nothing odds until Sunday close of business!

Pommery Brut Royal NV (1).png

Pommery Brut Royal Champagne

$54.99 (Each)

Here is the esteemed colt of the field, groomed from one of the top French stables producing winning thoroughbreds for close to two centuries. His standings and excellent odds for the cup set Pommery up as a solid pick come Tuesday as he and his jockey will take to the start boxes clad in indigo silks with a gold cap. Watch him to come late from the behind on the inside in a whirlwind of fizz as he uncorks down the final straight.

Moët & Chandon Impérial (1).png

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne

$52.99 (Each)

This stallion from Reims will be carrying the polish from one of the most experienced Champagne stables in the world. A race day favourite and arguably the most widely recognised of all the bottles out of the gate this Tuesday. A champion thoroughbred in Moet & Chandon, he and his jockey will be dressed in beige silks and gold cap with a black star and will be difficult to catch once they really open up the field. Expect to see this boy coming into a strong gallop through the last turn. 


Chandon Brut Sparkling

$19.99 (Each)

Chandon is a young Australian mare showing a lot of promise, groomed from a reputable domestic stable after they managed to get their hands on some quality European thoroughbred stock back in 1959 from Moët. Chandon flies the flag on Tuesday as the only Australian mare with genuine French heritage and it’s these solid genetics which is why we’re picking her to place when it’s show time. With odds like that until close of business Sunday, you’d be mad not to take a punt.

Pete’s Pure Prosecco

2 For $25

Prepared by renowned local trainer Scott Rawlinson at his Euston stables near Wentworth, NSW, this yearling Prosecco colt comes from a strong lineage in a 12yo vine and is a fierce two-miler to boot. With his saddle cloth and jockey silks fitted in translucent green silks with white detailing, Pete’s Pure runs in a very simplistic gate, carrying the scent of freshly clipped grass flying in the breeze as the field comes thundering down the final stretch. A bookie favourite provided the skies are clear. Double or nothing odds make this a no brainer.

De bortoli King Valley Prosecco

$14.99 (each)

This Prosecco gelding trained by De Bortoli on a local King Valley race track, performs well across the larger domestic races but is still a little start shy being only a few years old. With his jockey dressed in stylish blue and white silks, watch for this young closer to set a fast tempo upfront early before holding off the competition in the final leg. A good chance on Tuesday.

Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco

$14.99 (each)

If De Bortoli’s gelding outperforms his stage fright early on in the race, he will still face a big hurdle coming up against his King Valley training partner in this lovely filly Prosecco out of the stables over at Brown Brothers. She’s got the same odds as her training rival counterpart above coming in at the same price and she’ll be easy to spot on Tuesday with her avant—garde, limited edition white and purple saddle cloth and silks. Despite criticisms of a slow start to her season, she’s still a very solid contender to back out of Tuesday’s field and will be where a lot of the big money will be sitting.

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Get yourself sorted early for Tuesday so you can sit back with a glass of fizz in your race day bests and scream your bloody head off.

Cheers to the punters.

Heath Werrett