New Years Eve Survival Kit


We’ve all been there, that one New Year’s where you were just hopelessly underprepared. Boozeless, without someone to pash, in the Uber when the clock strikes 12, or worse yet, fast asleep and covered in your own body fluids long before midnight.

Well not this year, because here at Liquor Barons Carlisle, we’re all about being prepared and what’s more responsible than a bit of planning around the silly season.

We sat down and put some thought into some items that would be worth throwing in your backpack to ring in 2019 that will be sure to keep the night going smoothly all the way into the new year.


A Powerbank for charging your phone

It’s a long night and you want to make sure your phone has some charge left so you can find your friends just before midnight.



Don’t ring in the New Year watching the person you’re trying to pash at midnight recoil in disgust at the smell of your stinky breath.


Selfie stick

Hold the vocalised gag noises, we know how cringe these things are but we are going to decree it officially acceptable to bust one of these things out for the group selfies on NYE and at the odd music festival. If we see you skipping down the street with one you should still be warned.


Water bottle

The secret to a fresh and fantastic January 1st? Keep chugging that water throughout the evening. Get started on the H20 hydration earlier in the day for a head start against all that booze. Remember it’ll be a hot one!


A condom

Don’t be caught out in a situation where you’re unable to stretch one over your head and inflate it until it pops. It’ll put those weak ass party poppers to shame.

A dope ass bottle of fizz

What could be better than whipping out a special bottle of champers from your New Years Eve Survival Kit when the final hour of the year arrives. We are going to recommend;

Please for god’s sake though, keep it chilled though. You’ll probably want a soft chill bag with a frozen gel pack or two from the freezer.

Please for god’s sake though, keep it chilled though. You’ll probably want a soft chill bag with a frozen gel pack or two from the freezer.

Charles Pelletier Blanc de Blanc NV
2 For $25

Now here’s a bomb ass French sparkling Chardonnay that might as well be champagne as far as any the bottle and taste go this thing screams of style and class without breaking the budget! This stuff comes from the Burgundy region instead of Champagne, France. But don’t let the location of this wine’s terroir fool you. It's lush, fruity, flavoursome and down right yum!

Tasting notes:

  • Bright yellow golden hue

  • Complex yet charming palate of citrus and dried fruit

  • Superbly expressive, off dry finish 


4 plastic champagne flutes

No one wants broken glass in their ruck sack and we’ll skip on a bit of class to save a bit of weight no questions asked. Remember, champagne bottles come thick and heavy.

giphy (1).gif

A spare pair of underwear

We know how unnecessary this sounds but when you bring a bag there’s always room for some extra undies. Whether the unthinkable happens or you wake up somewhere unplanned in 2019, its always good to be able to freshen up a bit.

giphy (2).gif

Some stinky cheese and other nibbles

Get fancy son, its New Years! I’m talking that smelly good stuff. An airtight container that keeps chilled is a must obviously. News flash, people WILL assume that blue cheese smell is your BO… A box or two of shapes, some crackers, maybe a punnet of strawberries and some quality chorizo is what we’d probably pack. Don’t forget the a small street legal cheese knife if you’re going to be out n about.

There you have it, pretty straight forward but none the less, a solid starting point for a quality New Year’s Eve Survival Kit to help you get through the night’s festivities without a hitch.

Heath Werrett