Christmas Glassware Gift Packs


What’s better than getting a bottle of something you really love on Chrissy morning?

Getting a bottle of something you really love with some fresh glassware to ring in the festive season in style!

For the Belgian Beer Lover:

Chimay Belgium Trilogy Beer Pack

For over a hundred years the Chimay brand has been synonymous with Belgium Beer. This Chimay triple pack comes with a large Chimay goblet glass designed specifically for drinking these styles of beers. The beers and glass come beautiful packaged in a Chimay branded box making it a perfect gift for X-mas.

included in this pack are:
- Chimay Rouge 7%,
- Chimay Blanche 8%,
- Chimay Bleue 9%,


Duvel Beer Gift Set

Brewed for centuries by the famous Trappist monks of Belgium from its 6 main breweries, Duvel is considered one of the best beers in the world because its high alcohol content and complexity while still tasting delicious and being very easy to drink.

You’ll get two Golden Ales plus this swanky tulip Duvel beer glass so you can look the part of a real beer wanker at the Xmas BBQ

For the Fashionista:


Disaronno Wears Trussardi Glasses Gift Pack 

Each year Disaronno launches a new limited edition in collaboration with one of the big wigs of the fashion world. Following in the footsteps of Missoni, Etro, Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Moschino, this latest edition sees the most popular Italian liqueur in the world dressed by Trussardi.

This Disaronno Wears Trussardi Gift Box contains a brightly patterned limited-edition bottle and a pair of luxury crystal Italian flutes. The house of Trussardi in Milan was founded in 1911 and made a name for itself making leather gloves before expanding into clothing footwear and perfumes.

This bottle and glassware gift pack is not only a real collector’s item but also a wonderful X-mas gift idea for those fashionistas in the family.


For the Cocktail King\Queen:

Licor 43 Glass Pack

When the Romans conquered Carthago Nova, they encountered the Liqvor Mirabilis – or marvellous liquid. A golden, aromatic elixir produced and infused from local fruits and herbs. The Romans banned the production and consumption, but the Carthaginians continued in secret. Nowadays, this elixir inspires the recipe of Licor 43 which has become one of Spain’s favourite spirits. Licor 43 is an aromatic composition of deliciously ripe citrus fruits, spicy Mediterranean herbs, selected vegetable essences and aromatic spices with a sensuous hint of vanilla.

Plus you get these sweet glasses for some tasty cocktails but we use em for beer just as often…

merryxmas glass.gif
Heath Werrett